--Food & Drinks are available to go!--

Avalanche Wings-10 jumbo chicken wings fried to perfection and tossed in your choice of sauce…or served dry sauce on the side.  $15

Avy Nachos- plate covering layer of tortilla chips topped with spicy ground beef, black beans, Colby jack cheese, tomato and jalapeno. Salsa and guacamole on the side.                 $15

Chips & Salsa  $5   Add a cup of fresh Guacamole   $6          

Chicken Fingers- tender strips battered and fried served with ranch or bbq   $12

Toasted Raviolis- crispy garlic bread crumbs on the outside with ricotta, parmesan and romano cheese on the inside- served with marinara     $12

Southwestern Chicken Rolls- Crunchy wraps, filled with seasoned chicken, black beans, corn and spinach with roasted red pepper aioli on the side.    $12

Jalapeno Poppers- basket of breaded jalapenos deep fried with warm cream cheese filling.  Served with a side of ranch dressing.

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries- Basket of sweet potato fries topped with parmesan cheese, truffle oil and a side of red pepper aioli.   $15

Basket O Fries   $8 Add Colby Jack $3

Dinner Salad- Crisp Greens, Romaine, Leaf Lettuce, Carrots, Cucumber, tomato and croutons    $14
Side Salad-   $7

Caesar Salad- Romaine leaf tossed with Caesar dressing, croutons, parmesan and tomato  $14
Mini Caesar-  $7

Greek Salad- Romaine tossed in Feta-Olive vinaigrette, with pepperoncini’s, red onions, feta cheese and olives on top.                                $14

Add a fresh grilled chicken breast OR 8 sautéed shrimp to your salad     $8           Hard-Boiled Egg $1.50

Dressings  Ranch, Blue, Italian, Lemon Herb, Honey Dijon, Balsamic

Please Note: we have not used straws for 3 years now—single use plastic is killing the Planet!